seeking housing in western WA - i know this is a long-shot, but i thought i would try anyway


We are two white, neurodivergent trans people (one afab, one amab) looking for semi-temporary or longterm housing in western Washington state.

By semi-temporary housing, i mean being allowed to stay at the location for 1 to 3 months. 
By longterm housing, i mean being allowed to stay at the location for 3 months to a year.

The exact length of stay would of course be predicated by the people providing the shelter and would be negotiated and agreed upon in advance by everyone involved.

A spare room or a spare space of some kind (attic, basement, garage, trailer, etc) would be preferred.

We would accept semi-temporary or long term housing in the areas of Olympia, Tacoma, or Seattle. We are also open to housing in parts of Lacey or Tumwater, depending on specific location and distance to resources.

The location must have relatively close by access to public transit as we do not own a car and walking long distances can be difficult and inaccessible for me due to chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

About Us:

  • We are an engaged couple who have been in a relationship for four years and living together for three. We are quiet, accommodating, and considerate of the needs of whoever we are living with.

  • I’m Bunny. This post comes from my personal blog, which you’re more than welcome to check out for more information. In short, i am a white, fat, nonbinary afab trans person. I am unable to work due to multiple disabilities. I receive state disability benefits, so i am on a very small fixed income. I am in the middle of the long, litigious process of applying for SSI. I am mentally ill (PTSD, BPD, DID, and others), chronically ill, and physically disabled. I am primarily homebound so will be spending a lot of time at home in any potential location. However, i have social phobia and as a result will mostly keep to myself.

  • My fiancee, (whose name is dd) is a white, fat, nonbinary trans woman. She is neurodivergent and able bodied. dd is unemployed but currently looking for work both in our present location and in the Olympia area (although distance is obviously a barrier at the moment). She is planning on returning to community college (hopefully) in January of 2015 - if we can find a stable place to live.

  • We are both survivors/victims of domestic violence and sexual violence. Our current financial distress, housing instability, and homelessness is the direct result of us living in a domestic violence situation (for over 10 months) and ultimately leaving it in May.

Any respectful questions are of course okay and appreciated, as are reblogs / signal boosts.

You can contact me via the “ask” or “send content” links on my blog or though my email, which is

You can contact dd via her blog ( or through her email, which is

Lots more additional, important information under the cut:

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